The Ideal Package Design Review-Approval Process

The Ideal Package design Teview Approval Process

The “last mile” problem for digital graphic arts is the review-approval process. Proofing has been problematic since the beginning. The print buyer expects to see a physical sample before granting final approval. It’s a hard habit to break. Printing produces a physical product that we really want to see (and touch) before we spend money…. Read more

Package Design: Fitting In & Standing Out

Sales Effective Packaging Design

Consumer product package design is a paradox. First, a package must “fit in.” Among other things, it must be practical, affordable, efficient for both transport and display, environmentally friendly, and legally compliant. Simultaneously, it must “stand out,” as a compelling sales tool. It’s hard to do both well. I’ve spent a lot of time in… Read more

Brand Marketing: Packaging & the Virtual Focus Group

Packaging and the Virtual Focus Group

Brand marketing professionals often cite advertising pioneer Claude Hopkins. He held that advertising existed solely to sell things, and that its success should always be judged by measurable results. More importantly, he was a proponent of testing. “Tests are important and help us understand our customers,” he said. “Good selling is based on good testing.”… Read more

The Packaging Designer Perspective (Solving the “Bunker” Problem)

The Packaging Designer Perspective

For several months, I’ve written about the challenges of modern package design. But this has mainly been from the perspective of a brand owner or a printer/converter. That’s OK. Costs and time-to-market issues are pressing concerns for Consumer Product Companies (CPCs) and their partners. But just for a moment, let’s stop and talk about the… Read more

Package Design & the “Moment of Truth”

Package Design and the Moment of Truth

Package design is a combination of art and science. Success depends on many things. But often those things compete. A retail package has to be practical. The contents can’t fall out, get crushed, or easily spoil. In addition, it has to tell a story—preferably short, truthful, and compelling. Yes, I know. The story is basically… Read more