Made In Pack and IC3D

Based in Vanves just outside Paris, Made in Pack is a platform for multiprocess pre-press packaging production. Its innovative team of packaging production experts works with the big names in industry.

Offering a comprehensive management solution for the packaging graphics chain, Made In Pack was looking for new ways to support its clients along the entire value chain of packaging projects and to offer new added value services.

Made in Pack’s customers include brands like L’Oréal, Redken, Harrys, Charal and Régilait as well as packaging printers such as Amcor and Smurfit Kappa. Having numerous types of different customers also means producing a wide variety of packaging. Made in Pack has years of experience and manages the coordination, implementation, declination, photogravure and proofing of cartons, labels, bags, thermoformed films and other types of packaging. After investing in iC3D, Made in Pack now offers a new solution for 3D visualization and validation for all media.

iC3D is a 3D visualization solution especially for packaging. It lets you intuitively convert a 2D graphic design into a virtual prototype that can be manipulated and viewed from all angles and even integrated it into a virtual environment such as a store. The graphic design is applied to existing packaging from the model library or an imported model created in a third-party application. However, iC3D also offers a wide variety of templates and tools for creating your own models.


Jan Debacker, Production Manager at Made in Pack, is very clear, “We had the ability to create 3D visualizations before, but it was very laborious. iC3D is a fast and powerful solution for creating virtual packaging. The tools are concentrated in a single software and let you create, visualize and share 3D images as high-resolution or animated pack shots via iC3D opsis, the on-line sharing service built into the latest version of the software. The rapid evolution of this software means we receive new features with almost every update,” continues Debacker. “Besides the usual standards of the packaging industry, iC3D lets you create customized models in different types of environments. The multiobject approach also allows you to visualize several components (carton, bags, POS) assembled in a single environment. This simulation helps you identify certain optimizations at the earliest possible stage and advise the customer effectively.”


The advantages are not just technical. “As a team on a human scale we always have to think about how we differentiate the major players,” explains Laurent Sehier, managing director of Made In Pack. “iC3D offers real internal and external added value. It gives us an economic way to capture potential errors early in the production process. This means we can offer an additional service to our customers, enabling them to make the right decisions regarding the technical and visual aspects of their packaging in order to achieve a product that stands out on the shelf.”

About Made in Pack
To meet the needs and expectations of Purchasing and Marketing departments, Made in Pack offers a comprehensive management solution for the packaging graphics chain. Its role: to support you along the entire value chain of your packaging projects, to centralize and share resources in their entirety for all brands and all stakeholders.

Made in Pack is a dual-competence partner that offers marketing and creative sensitivity underpinned by recognized technical and operational excellence. It provides a tailored service enabling excellent control of the entire packaging graphics chain with multi-process experience to ensure on-shelf uniformity of the product range.