3D Packaging Visualization Software

Bemis Graphics becomes first user of revolutionary 3D application IC3D Suite, streamlining packaging design/ideation in their graphics facility

IC3D Suite, the world’s first Real-Time 3D packaging visualization software developed by Creative Edge Software LLC, has been purchased by Bemis Graphics, Oshkosh, WI.

IC3D Suite dramatically simplifies the creation and visualization of packaging products of all kinds—including bottles, flexible packages, cartons, bags, plastic containers, cans and more.

Bemis is a large flexible packaging corporation, offering complete graphic design and prepress solutions. Boasting a 25,000 sq. foot graphics facility serving all the Bemis divisions and manufacturing/printing facilities, they focus on emerging technologies re-lated to creative services, separations and imaging in support of flexible packaging capabilities.

IC3D Suite Performance

Needing to expand their 3D packaging formats to match real-life physical capabilities within their customer base, Bemis agreed to become a BETA tester for IC3D Suite. During the testing process, developer Creative Edge Software and CGS, the US distributor, worked closely with Bemis during testing to complement their existing group of tools and meet their needs. IC3D Suite goes beyond standard 3D design capabilities and offers users the ability to quickly and easily visualize a variety of surface finishes such as metallic, matte and gloss. Realistic “Image Based Lighting” (IBL) reflections, metallic foils, effects and transparency options and textures, as well as viewing models in real-time 3D environments truly add to the customization available.

Brenda Abraham, Bemis Creative Services Manager noted that, “IC3D Suite provides us the potential to offer our customers photo realistic virtual packaging in 3D format. It gives us more flexibility relating to surface finishes, clear windows and package con-tents that are very common in our business – our expectations have been exceeded.”

The software is now fully incorporated with the team who provides 2D and 3D virtual packages for presentation to internal and external (CPG) customers. This functionality allows Bemis to evaluate consumer experience along with technical specifications of the final product package. “This marks the first IC3D Suite install in the US of many more to come,” Trevor Haworth, CEO commented. “We’re thrilled to welcome Bemis into our family of software users and help them reach their goals in the packaging world.”

What’s Next
The packaging industry is constantly evolving, and the rapid ongoing development and customization offered in IC3D Suite keeps companies ahead of the curve. Simple to learn and use, the comprehensive software application runs on Mac or PC, and covers most packaging disciplines including flexibles, labels, bottles, cartons, POS, shrink and shelf layouts. Designers can create custom 3D models using easy templates which let designers build models to fit their vision and truly see their artwork come to life. Once completed they can output hi-resolution images, PDF proofs for mark-up or share the designs with colleagues and customers using the IC3D Suite Movie Exporter, which creates easily shared, portable compressed movie files. An STL file export function al-lows 3D models to be printed on leading 3D printers.