Product 3d Mockup

Version 3.5.0 represents a major update to the very popular Creative Edge Software package with brand new powerful features:

Existing users:

Open the IC3D Application, go to the ‘Help’ menu and click ‘Check for Updates’.

New Features you’ll unlock with v3.5:

  • New Renderer
    • Supporting ultra hi-resolution, photographic quality HDRI backgrounds and environments
  • Ambient Occlusion
    • Creates soft shadows, shading effects and enhances fine surface details to improve photo realism
  • Shadows
    • Allows additional studio lights and shadows/shadow maps to be created. Minimises the need for Photographic Studios
  • Tube Template
    • Allows easy creation of cosmetic, pharma and toothpaste tubes with full edit controls
  • Shaped Bag Template
    • Create Pillow & Gusseted bags based on irregular contents shape. Replicate rice bags, drink sachets, irregular biscuits & contents “slump”
  • Shape Modeller
    • New enhancements include tilt and parallel arc functions. Create of sophisticated 3D models and components like spheres, hoops handles
  • Shelf Visualiser
    • Templates to create Multiple Shelving, Gondola Displays, Refrigeration display units & Chiller cabinets. Enables full product comparisons

And much more …… See our new “Welcome Screen” on Start-up, which provides additional info and training with step by step guides to help get you started!

Updated Training:

If you require training on the new updates & features of v3.5 please also visit our YouTube channel by clicking Tutorials or email: