IC3D Suite Debuts At Andina

Award winning IC3D Suite – fast, accurate 3D digital packaging design, mock-ups and the industry’s fastest shrink functionality

Dover, DE, USA (November 5, 2015) – Highlighting the growth and development of conversion and packaging technologies, Andina Pack 2015 boasts over 900 exhibitors from around the world from November 10-13th. Innovator Creative Edge Software and Print Systems will present the award winning IC3D Suite for packaging creatives in Pavilion 4, booth 406.

A 2014 recipient of the InterTech™ Technology Award, IC3D Suite is the first real-time, all-in-one packaging design software that lets you generate live 3D digital mockups on-the-fly – including cartons, labels, flexibles, bottles, shrink wraps and enables shelf visualization in accurate store environments.

IC3D Suite Functionality

IC3D Suite includes an extensive range of packaging models and editable model templates, and sophisticated 3D models can be created using the included Shape Modeller. Complex shrink-wraps that take hours to simulate using competitive software take just minutes in IC3D Suite. Special effects like metallic foils and embossing are visualized accurately on screen, and a direct link to Adobe Illustrator ensures seamless communication of native artwork files and PDF placement onto 3D models. Primary and secondary packaging can then be placed onto virtual shelves, POS displays and animated movies created and shared to assist clients visualize their packaging in 3D.

Photo-realism within IC3D Suite is taken to the next level with new features like ambient occlusion, shadows, reflections and hi-quality live rendering negating the need to use photo studios. Decision makers can now make preliminary approvals and reduce costs associated with shipping iterative mockups between multiple locations. Everything created in IC3D Suite can then be shared with customers or team members around the world via hi-res images, 3D PDF’S, movie files, augmented reality or the free IC3D viewer.

IC3D Automate – Automation of 3D packaging

For many companies a diverse product line is developed, whether there are different flavors of chips, jam, tins or baby food. The process starts with the creation of a 3D model with applied textures and artwork, and subsequent iterative replacement of those textures and artwork develops the many different flavors of the original design.

Iteration costs a lot of time and money, and IC3D Automate, the latest product from Creative Edge Software, streamlines the process. IC3D Automate uses the technology from IC3D Suite and allows it to be integrated with any common production workflow, DAM solution or automation tool. This offers you total flexibility and can be configured to perform exactly the type of automation you require. Ultimately increasing product development speed, reducing human errors during the visual development of product variations and can help to reduce time-to-shelf during product development.

IC3D Automate opens an IC3D design file “hands free” and run automated “actions” on it, ranging from replacing textures or artwork, outputting high resolution images at specific camera angles, generating 3D PDF files and much more.

Daily Demonstrations

For a live demonstration of IC3D Suite or to learn how the software can revolutionize your 3D process with quicker speed to market, elimination of human error, and enhanced overall productivity, visit Andina Pack 2015 from November 10-13 in Pavilion 4, booth (406) or contact Carmen Eide [carmen@creativeedgesoftware.com] for a personal demonstration.



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