Creative Edge Software demonstrates new features for the luxury packaging sector at Luxe Pack NY 2017

iC3D’s latest feature release offers a sense of luxury for all packaging applications (Booth B119)

April 4, 2017 – Creative Edge Software, developer of the award-winning iC3D packaging design software, is marking its official launch on the American luxury packaging market with its debut at Luxe Pack New York, May 10th – 11th. Taking place at Pier 92, New York City, Creative Edge Software is exhibiting on booth B119, highlighting new iC3D features specially developed to assist those designing for luxury brands.

Among a range of updates that complement the photorealistic capabilities already available from iC3D, the new version v4.1 software now includes Bump Displacement. This key new feature expands the potential for designers to build unique, 3D shapes and surfaces, creating greater depth, detail and photographic accuracy that is essential for those operating in the luxury packaging environment.

“Luxury brands use selective embossing and debossing to convey a higher pedigree for their products. It’s the very complexity of producing the packaging that distinguishes it from regular, non-premium brands,” explains Nick Gilmore, CEO of Creative Edge Software. “Our new Bump Displacement enables packaging creatives to quickly create and visualize “Real” embossed or debossed design features and surfaces to a photorealistic standard in a matter of minutes for a streamlined packaging design cycle.”

iC3D was developed to help packaging creatives quickly and accurately simulate nuances of light and color in even the most complex packaging designs featuring premium-class treatments. In addition to Bump Displacement, a fleet of high-performance visualization capabilities allow specialty closures and security seals, matte and metallic inks, holographic foils, and even liquid effects, to be visualized in 3D in a matter of minutes. Creative Edge Software declares the same “studio” sophistication previously only available through dedicated specialist programs or physical mockups.

iC3D is uniquely the only all-in-one solution capable of this quality, however there are two key differences that distinguish iC3D from competitive offerings, according to Gilmore: “Simplicity and speed. Creatives are able to experience their designs before ever going to print, streamlining the design process, increasing packaging effectiveness, and ensuring premium-quality impact on the shelf,” he concludes. “One-on-one demonstrations of iC3D are available throughout the event to show just how straightforward it is – just visit us at booth B119.”

A two-part tutorial demonstrating this simplicity in practice is available on the new updated Creative Edge Software website. Entitled “Bump Displacement” parts 1 and 2, they can be viewed via the link: