Bottle 3D Packaging Mockup

Two key UK events present first public showing of iC3D v4.1 ‘Bump Displacement’ on-the-fly

February 28th 2017 – Creative Edge Software is presenting the new version of its award-winning all-in-one iC3D packaging design software with key partners at two UK shows in March. Exhibits at Packaging Innovations and PrintWeekLive! reveal the latest iC3D technological advance including Bump Displacement, which enables designers to create unique 3D shapes and surfaces for premium and luxury packaging effects.

At Packaging Innovations, Birmingham NEC, March 01-02, Hybrid Software is showing iC3D v4.1 on stand E36. Billed as the only UK event to cover the whole packaging supply chain, this is an essential platform for exhibiting the very latest in packaging design innovation, says Nick Gilmore, CEO of Creative Edge Software. “Given that Packaging Innovations places its focus on branded and inspirational packaging, the event promises to bring together precisely those industry professionals who most need to know about the new generation of technologies dedicated to innovative packaging. For anyone looking for new ways to boost the brand development process – not only in terms of enabling technologies but also through the speed and quality of results – a visit to stand E36 at Packaging Innovations is essential.”

At PrintWeekLive! at the Wasps Arena, Coventry, iC3D v4.1 is presented in partnership with Workflowz, Stand E40. New iC3D Bump Displacement is the main focus of live demonstrations, showing how it enables packaging creatives to quickly create and visualize emboss or deboss design features to a photorealistic standard. Providing a greater sense of depth, detail and photographic accuracy, iC3D’s unique approach to displacement mapping is of particular relevance to the luxury and security packaging sectors where unique and complex shapes in glass, plastic and carton are used to distinguish premium products and ensure that they are more difficult to copy.

According to Gilmore, PrintWeekLive! is important for getting the message across to a wider audience that the technology exists today that can improve efficiency, accuracy and creativity right from the initial concept stage in the packaging production process.

“PrintWeekLive! is about opening up the latest developments to the wider, multi-sector UK industry and showing technologies that can make a significant difference to print production now,” explains Gilmore, “In delivering advanced skills to professionals at any level of the packaging lifecycle, iC3D v4.1 exemplifies the very latest development in the democratization and streamlining of the brand development process.”

Previously, to achieve photorealistic mockups or proofs of emboss/deboss designs required the use of high-end specialist, proprietary software applications. iC3D v4.1 allows designers to achieve the same high-end visual effect with a simple Illustrator file using the same all-in-one iC3D software that performs every other packaging design visualization application, including labels, pouches, shrink-wraps and shelf visualization.

The Bump Displacement feature of iC3D v4.1 allows the user to take a line drawing, logo or any shape created in Adobe Illustrator, and apply it to the surface of a carton, glass, plastic, or metal object, but working in real time. Simple sliders are then used to choose the depth of emboss or deboss. Once satisfied with positioning, size and style of emboss/deboss, iC3D Ray Tracing can be applied to accurately simulate the effects of light on the object and, along with Light Map Editor and Dynamic Backgrounds, produce a photorealistic, ultra-high-resolution photo studio effect. As with all iC3D mockups, the 3D results can then be scrutinized from all angles by brand owners, production engineers and other stakeholders using iC3D Opsis via any web browser on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

“Luxury brands use selective embossing and debossing to convey a higher pedigree for their products. It’s the very complexity of producing the packaging that distinguishes it from regular high-street brands,” comments Alan Dixon, CEO of Workflowz. “iC3D v4.1 now offers programming that can visualize these complex techniques, realistically and in real-time. It’s a game-changer for anyone interested in exploring the next level in brand sophistication. And if you come to stand E40 at PrintWeekLive! we can show you just how easy it is to accomplish.”

The new updated Creative Edge Software website features tutorials on all the key capabilities of iC3D. Two tutorials – Bump Displacement Part 1 and Part 2 – demonstrate the latest capabilities of version 4.1 via the link: