Blending Design Mockup

The Moment of Truth | Blending Design with the Technical Requirements of Flexography – Kevin Bourquin

According to research conducted by Beatty and Ferrell in the Journal of Retailing (Volume 74, pp. 169 –191), impulse buying accounts for as much as 80 percent of all purchase decisions in certain market segments. As products compete on the shelf for consumer attention in this “First Moment of Truth,” it is imperative that packaging designers have taken into consideration its structure, brand placement and color choices in order to stand out among the approximately 50,000 products in a typical supermarket.

To achieve an optimal first impression in these key areas, designers must consider the technical aspects of the supply chain through the final print process from the conception of the design.

Package designs are created by a variety of different resources, from agencies to in house staffs to freelance artists, but they all have in common the same key metric for assessing the design quality: The designs look great on screen! Of course, this does not always translate to a great printed package and certainly does not guarantee a consistent, stable and repeatable design that upholds the original marketing intent.

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