Latest IC3D News

The first “secretive” showing of IC3D Suite at the recent FTA show (April 28th-30th) in San Diego USA to major brands, agencies and distributors, has resulted in the first signed distribution agreement for North/South America and Canada.

CGS Publishing Technologies LLC which distributes their own award winning ORIS range of colour proofing solutions in USA already supplies many packaging companies, brands, agencies and creatives with their Color Tuner and Certified Web product along with their specialist consumables.

Trevor Haworth, CGS – CEO comments, “When I was invited to a presentation for a first viewing of IC3D Suite , I instantly knew this product was destined for success. Its unique “Real-Time” 3D technology is applicable for Packaging, Labelling and Imaging and it will instantly appeal to creatives, marketeers & packaging professionals wanting to learn new ways to ideate/create new packaging designs. CGS are very excited to be able to expand their solutions and help develop IC3D Suite market opportunities in USA and Canada.

Nick Gilmore, Creative Edge Software – CEO adds, “We are absolutely delighted that CGS USA want to work with us developing the creative packaging market. These are very exciting innovative times and feedback from leading brands so far has been amazing. They have loved the “Real-Time” ideation of their new packaging and labelling designs. We believe the speed, flexibility and integration possibilities all contained within one easy to use application will really shake down current/old technologies and methods and brings easy 3D capabilities to anyone capable of learning/using Adobe Creative Suite.