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From: $400 / month

*Yearly plan, paid Yearly (paid in advance)
You are signing up for an annual plan for iC3D Select. This licence is valid for one user. You will be charged the amount shown above (plus any applicable taxes) once you check out. Your subscription will automatically renew each subsequent year, and a further payment of the amount shown will be deducted annually unless you stop automatic renewal before the end of your term.

**Monthly plan, paid Monthly (by monthly installments)
You are signing up for a monthly plan for iC3D Select, paid by monthly installments. This license is valid for one user. You will be charged the amount shown above (plus any applicable taxes) once you check out. You will continue to be charged the monthly fee on the same day of each subsequent month. Your monthly subscription will renew automatically each month unless you choose to stop automatic renewal before the end of a monthly term.

iC3D Select can be purchased on affordable monthly or annual Subscriptions and can be expanded with other software modules when required: iC3D Modeller, iC3D Designer, Ray Tracer, iC3D Suite and iC3D Automate.

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Trial Options

  • 15 Day Trial – includes:
  • One user licence
  • One hour online training
  • 30 Day Trial - includes:
  • Two concurrent users licence
  • Four hours online training/support
  • Trial payments can be fully credited against purchase if made within 30 days of Trial expiry

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Subscription Options

Monthly plan, by monthly instalments

Annual plan, paid in advance

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What's Included?

  • Mac or Windows licence

  • Modules included:
  • 3D Shape Modeller
  • Carton, POS fold-up
  • labelling Creation
  • Flexible Bags of any type
  • Shrink and Artwork Correction
  • Sealed Shrink Bag
  • Point Editor/Physics - crumple/dent
  • Shelf Visualiser - create retail shelf displays
  • Dynamic Image Background Animation and Recording sequencer
  • Model Library - customiseable
  • Materials Library - unlimited
  • Templates Library - editable models
  • Bump Displacement - true emboss/deboss
  • Photo Studio -interactive studio lighting
  • 3D Printer Support -view/print 3D models
  • 3D Web Viewer – share 3D Opsis content
  • Real-Time Ray Tracer – web/print ready imagery


Our International Distributors, OEM Partners and Resellers are located around the world where you can purchase iC3D and iC3D Automate licences.

They can help you decide what type of licence would be most suitable for your business and discuss and support you in your local language. Both “Floating” and “Fixed” licences are available for iC3D as well as volume purchase discounts and Subscription and outright Purchase options. Please call your local reseller/partner directly for more information.

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